Can we save through art?


On March 11 of 2011, the earthquake that hit Japan changed everybody’s life living in the archipelago. For good or bad, at that moment we all had to stop and think about the course of our lives.
The very first tought that came in my mind, was the end of my business itself. If one’s do think what would be the most important tasks from that tragic day; tattooing certainly was the last on list.

As human beings we do need shelter, food and clothes. Born and raised myself in a poor 3rd world country, I learned that those are not supposed to be a favour.

In other hand, since that day I also learned that we (as human beings) do need art, crafts, music and dance.
We do need to appreciate our lifes, we do need to register our feelings.

In a attempt to register those feelings, my personal and why not; of we all human beings (Japanese or not) I drew these series “Atomkraft? Nein Danke”

It might not save a single life, it might not be fruitfull. But, as a sole tattooist and sole man, that was what I could do at least. And certainly, that will not be the last on my list.

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