Meet & Greet



Arriving, departuring. A travel is a long or a short connection between two worlds, two countries, two destiny’s. Tattooing can be compared to a travel also. People arrive with dreams and departure with memories.
And by no means I am just a pilot or a bridge between these two worlds.
I do also take part on these travels. The mysterious and exciting, to re-discover the perceptions forgotten or frozen on our imaginations.


I met Manuel in 2012. We did half of his chest in April and then, completed the entire thing in September. And now again in April 2013, we could meet once more to take a prompt photo of the healed tattoo.
That’s the magic about tattooing and the relationship we built with people we worked together.
Sometimes we meet constantly, sometimes we don’t see each other for years. But there’s a strange bond between tattooist and tattooee.
Suppresses word, time and thoughts. Is what I call a travel. Re-discovering forgotten and frozen perceptions.

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