Ideas 4 life, part 5

So, in Japan we celebrate on 5 of May the Children’s day. Or popularly known as Boy’s day.
That’s because we have the Girl’s day on March 3. I guess even back in the days, people found that would be unfair to only celebrate one gender or another.
On the Boy’s day, you will be able to see houses hanging the Koinobori on their verandas or displaying miniature samurai dolls in the living room.
All iconography properly connected with strength and force. Parents wish to have their son’s brought up not just on the bravado side of the imagery, but hoping that the boys raise up healthy.

And wandering through the streets myself, I found this curious statue of Hotei (one of the Seven Gods of fortune) and standing next to him, a smaller version of the same God. Properly dressed with a Samurai helmet and a sword.



Makes me wonder first why the statue was placed on the street, and next, I had to smile for the typical sign of delicacy of whoever had the idea of dressing him up for the Boy’s day.

One thing Japan can truly be proud, is that these things will never be thrashed apart or stolen. Not because they are sacred figures, but people are honest enough to leave at it is. Knowing that this do belongs to someone, but at the same time appreciating the kindness of the owner. It is there for everybody, and this country does respect the collective ness first.

Another example would be these little dolls displayed on the Girl’s day. I took the photo in March this year, and you can have an idea how Hinamatsuri is celebrated. And I can defend myself of not being unfair to one gender or another, a true tattoo gentleman!




Wonder where is the location right?

Yup, these stairs are from a train station in Tokyo. Obviously it does not lead to the platforms, but is there for the public view. No chains, no glasses or any sort of blockade to keep people away from stealing. They know nobody would.

One of the aspects that most of the western media did not reported during the days following the big earthquake in 2011. No looting, no riots.

So, we can celebrate another Boy’s day this year in peace…and Girl’s day also 😉

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