Knit the Knot

Did I mentioned that I love photography? I mean, not exactly photography as an artistic genre. But I love to take photos. As I mentioned in a early post, photography is by no means a minor thing for me.
I might not be good as I wish, but say that photos are an a extension of my art.
Perhaps, the last recall of my memories. To bring back the origins of my tattoos.

I met Kate in my former shop Tattoo-Church in Tokyo.
She just waved by, and firstly choose a discrete small tattoo inside her arm. It was an Andy Warhol inspired painting.
It was a strange design of people jumping from buildings titled “Suicide” (a silkscreen made by the man, dated in 1963)
From them on she added more to her collection, and at the same time introduced me to a “gang” of expat girls living in Tokyo.
They would come, get tattooed, chit chat girls talk on Mondays at the shop. Guess Mondays were their day off or something.
Funny was not the girl’s talk, that i guess guys are also curious to know what woman gossip between them. Well, say that they just say what we guess what they say…
But funny for me was the situation itself. The other girls waiting for their turn or just there to give some “spiritual help” to the one laying on the bench, would be for example knitting while waiting.
They had those “waves” and “booms” from time to time, and one of these were knitting.

I mean, who da hell gonna knit in a tattoo shop? Guess not even in a hospital I had seen woman knitting (read old one’s) while waiting for their turn…
Even strange as it sounds, in other way you can take it as how laid back was the atmosphere in the shop.
We had our common trust, so they were free to feel home.
Be it knitting, drinking coffee or just waving by for a chat.

So, I have good memories of those Mondays. It reminds me the warmness of a knit sweater, even if I don’t have one…



The photos above were took in 2009, and are from a self published book. I will write about this book in a future post. Other photos I took of Kate later, will be posted tomorrow.
Perhaps you can knit while waiting

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