Strong arm of the law

Seems that I’m posting more drawing photos rather than tattoos. Matter of fact, tattoos take more time to be done. Some big work take few sessions, and after all; we have the process of photographing, cropping, re-sizing, etc, etc.
I decided to approach the finished tattoos to be published here in a different way from now on.
Mostly of the photos published on the blog, were taken with my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, the quality is great and when I’m traveling this is my main “camera” since 2 years ago.
But then I realized that I was getting a bit away from my policies of having a good photo taken of the finished piece.
As I said, phone cameras are really great. But, as a professional; I think is my duty to take a good ass photo.
Not just for me, but for the sake of the customer that endured the process.

I will still rely on my iPhone, but when is not extremely necessary I will stick with my Canon EOS.
That’s the excuse I wanted to write…and now enjoy more drawings




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