Sakura Sakura

Synonymous of Japanese symbol and flower that best represents it’s country and beauty. Strangely, even back in Tokyo it was mostly requested by western woman rather the local girls.


Usually when the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) tree is placed on the shoulder blade, it is commonly designed to come from top to bottom. I find out that she wanted the other way around.

After the “incident”, we made another quick sketch and re-designed properly on paper.
That’s usually how I work with most of my tattoos. Be it small or big. I always do a simple sketch straight on the skin to check for size, placement and the design itself.
Specially now that my communication skills are a bit limited, I find this way to be the one’s to get the comfort and credit from the customer.
I totally understand the fear and insecurity when customers first walk in to the strange world of tattooing. It will be done right? Does the guy can reproduce my ideas? And so on.
Specially when is a dude like me handling the task, can be a challenging experience.
But again, tattooing is a visual art. So, before the talk the talk; I personally think the walk the walk style is the most suitable for this art form.
Action speaks more than words.


Today we stop here. One more session to complete and at last, but not least; check to see if more will need to be added.


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