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Scripts are rather commonly seem on western tattoos than say, the Japanese tattoos. I think is the cultural difference between the 2 worlds that emphasizes so well this view towards statements.
While in Japan, tattoos virtually are a codification of the wearer’s sentiments. Mirroring perfectly the mentality of for the group rather than for the individual, even in a underworld sub culture as tattooing is therefor.

The western counterpart (in this aspect) is a statement of setting apart from a group or society. It’s a self-statement.
What both do share though, is the wish. Be it virtuosity, self esteem, faith (religious and profane), sexuality, power…
The list is endless.

When scripts are incorporated onto tattoo imagery, it evokes strongly the feelings cited above and more.
Is like you are double standing for what you are convinced of.

Not all are just prays of fearless. It can be a sign of love or just respect and loyalty to a country, to a land. To somebody.
It can be a flag the one’s hold firmly to a ground that can’t be shaken. More than an imprisoned body, a free mind that whispers or chant, screams it through the skin and the skies above or the seas bellow.
“Much more than blood”


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