Das Kirin, Japanisches Fabelwesen

Second of the series. Kirin, Japanese mythical figure. Symbol of peace.
Still more to improve on this line and shade only format. It’s getting pretty more fun day by day
I always have no tight plans before starting a drawing series. The very first drawing is the one that dictates which direction should I head for.
Not all the ideas go further, and I’m a bit cautious to release it before completing.
Same applies to tattoos in progress, but I decided to take the risk and go further.
It’s a positive way to push myself to move on. In case of tattooing, it take’s 2 to tango.
So, I can’t guarantee how fast and in which timing works can be updated here. By no means I don’t want put pressure on clients just to “show off” so to speak.
I want to present an honest blog.
And it’s not shameful to state in public if some project doesn’t go further for whatever reason.
Knowing when to stop is much as important as a starting.

Work done in 2010.

Published by Carlos aus Tokyo

Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Owner of hännyahead tattoo

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