Tor zum Erfolg

Gateway to success, is the translation I found for this time featured drawing Touryuumon. I know it sounds strange in English to title such a fierce design. I tried to find the description on Wikipedia, but seems that they don’t have it in English.
So, here’s the explanation:
1-The carp climbs a waterfall, it’s the sign of perseverance in Japan.
2-The close the carp reaches the top of waterfall, he’s getting hit more and more harder by the water. His fins start to break apart. His face and body start to disintegrate. This is the most hard step for the carp, thus the name: Gateway to success.
3-When finally he succeeded to climb the waterfall (breaking the gateway), he don’t have a shape of a carp. Now he became a dragon and fly’s high to the sky. It means that he achieved his goal.
Well, this is a very simplified explanation of the carp/ dragon story.
You can note that the design is a mix of a carp and dragon for this reason.
But the word itself (Touryuumon) is commonly used in Japan to describe the hard task to “break through” in business, study or life in general.

And now that this series are becoming more “serious” and often, I decided to re-take all the pictures. Including the one’s that were featured in the past posts. If you wanna check the better quality photos, please just click on “Yokai” next to the date on bottom of this page.



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