Tor zum Erfolg 2

Pleasant busy day for me. I say pleasant, because I’m the one that prefers “fruitful busy” rather than boredom.
In between the tasks, I drew up a new version of Touryuumon. As I wrote before, this series will not be “edited” so to speak. Each design will be done heart fully, but will be posted as it is.
So, I was not 100% satisfied with yesterday’s one to be honest.
After posting, I started right away to research for a new version. Instead of looking other artists interpretation, I went straight to the source: The image of the carp climbing the waterfall.

I browsed through some books description of fishes and found one suitable.
I know fishes don’t twist their bodies that radically. But again, imagination with bits of fantasy make’s the tales coming to life. Needles to say, tattoos deal a lot with the imaginary.
So, I must use the maximum of my own to link with real life happenings to create an anti-thesis.

By no means trying to escape from reality that surrounds me, I must say that what I’m tattooing and drawing does represent purely the state of my mind and soul.
Now, more than ever.





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