Japanische Drachen projekt

Here we are! Back with photos and some text.
This week started in a very good vibe. First of all, I got (finally!) a place to learn the language. It’s been couple of months since I arrived, and yes; I was having my “adaptation” time going on and plus finding a house, moving, and obviously working and figuring out (still) things, “know-hows” and so on and on and on…

At the same time (and lacking of) I was feeling guilty for not going to a proper language school.
My level did upgraded since I was studying in Japan ( I was studying for about 3/ 4 months before I arrived), but still not as neat as I want.
And I want it neat as my other languages skills. So, the path is long…

Same as our friend here, starting last week his dragon project



Persistence prevails!




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