Liebe Sohn 2

(First session)Erste termin hier
Lately, I’ve been posting mostly works in progress. I know it’s kinda boring to see unfinished tattoos.
I myself, never been a big fan of looking to unfinished tattoos either.
In other hand, there’s a good side on this story. It shows that I’ve been busy, and busy is always good.
And, I hope people can have a look on how I do work. I mean, if you are planing to have a medium to large size tattoo, you can follow the steps and maybe make a mental preparation before you hit the shop. Actually, it is very important!

So, here’s the second session of our friend. I supposed to finish it in this appointment, but I couldn’t due to schedule time. Same problem I had back in Japan. I understand Weekends are the only time people have to come for their tattoos, so obviously the schedules get awkward.

Including those moments, people ask me sometimes if I do feel stress while tattooing. And my answer is, that I get more stressed when actually I’m not tattooing.
Of course, besides there’s stress for the responsibility, time, schedules and so on.
But above all, these are just the path for the final result.
The stress (so to speak) might be lying on both sides. For you (for instance), be it time, money, pain, anxiety, etc.
But, we need to have the same aiming in mind: to be satisfied, not stressed with the final tattoo.





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