Wuppertal Tattoo convention 3 (review)

Here’s as I promised the review of our last attending convention in Wuppertal.
Learning from my mistakes and wrong thinking from the last convention (here), I went with a clear mind sure that a good result would be waiting at the end.
And I wasn’t wrong!

Funny that it started with some slight minor trouble (OK, maybe not funny, but…)
Well, after we finished our tasks last Friday as normal business day in the shop; we started to load the Van with our equipment and stuff.
Driving was in my hands, and I have to confess that I’m not 100% comfortable (yet) with the idea. Thing is, I didn’t drove that much back in Tokyo. And if you live in Tokyo, you don’t need to own a car at all.
Places change, and you have to adapt. Attending conventions don’t mean just “being there”. It means preparation, dedication, and obviously taking part of all tasks as a member of the team.
Just business as usual, as we do everyday in the shop.
So, my hand on the wheels and my heart pulling out from my mouth.
This time, driving time was way shorter (1h30min) and all we needed, was just pull off from the Autobahn and drive less than 10 minutes to the convention hall.

So, then comes the storm. The battery died as soon as we drove off of the highway and all the lights went out and the wheel locked up. With all mighty forces I could pull over the car, and the rest is just story.
Waiting in the rain, hungry and cold for help. After a good one hour, here comes the angels.
Battery charged, and we could drive to the joint. Only to discover that was too late for food. Again, the drama of conventions. Find a place to eat. So, we did. Ended up in a junk food thrift, as we would expect…


wuppertal tattoo convention1


Arriving late on the hotel, we were welcomed by other tattooist fellas that are going to attend the convention as well. Drinking some, chatting and relieved from the driving duties, I went to check some local free paper magazine to find some stuff about the convention on their pages. What a great welcome!
Those are things that were unimaginable back in Japan. One the events we did organized back them had once or twice being featured on such non-tattoo related media. Even so, with much sweat and talks back and forth to make it happen.
wuppertal tattoo convention8

wuppertal tattoo convention3
Welcomed by a great sunny day on Saturday. Can’t believed we were just in a such bad weather and nightmare few hours ago.
Arriving at the hall, we started to set up our stuff. This time a good investment was made on some big light devices. Learning from past conventions that sometimes places are so dark, that customers can’t even browse through portfolios and stuff.
And those lights (made for photo shooting) are perfectly light, easy to carry and they are bright MF’s!
I’m currently using at the shop as well.
wuppertal tattoo conventionl10


“Wanna do” flashes(here and here) ready, portfolios ready, computer slide show rolling. Time to rock!
More about the convention will be posted tomorrow! Hope you enjoy
wuppertal tattoo convention6

今回は”Wanna do”も3セット描き、女性を中心にターゲットをしぼりました。。。はたして結果は?”Wanna do”の写真はこちらこちら

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