Wuppertal Tattoo convention 4 (review)

2nd day, Sunday. Waiting time. Thinking time
wuppertal tattoo convention7
Both days were quite good for me. Tattooed some good number of people, including the one’s that had made appointments in advance and others jumping in.
Gill the boss was promptly booked for the 2 days, and basically the first day I got to tattoo some people that were looking for his services. He’s been attending this convention for many years, so he’s known by the locals.
In the second day, I decided that this wasn’t going to be good for me in terms of learning how to deal with customers here. So, while I tattooed my first customers (booked in advance); I would talk to people around the booth during breaks and trying to find some potential one’s.
Again, the language barrier still huge, but if you don’t try you don’t learn.
So, with this in mind I did my best to be understood. And understood I got by a young couple that choose some from my “Wanna do” flashes. What a score man! Not money wise, but for the fruitful results of my efforts.

The guy choose the samurai, and the girls choose the bamboo pattern.

その中で”Wanna do”を彫りたいという若いカップルが!さっそく彫りました。彼氏は前回のコンベンションの”売れ残りWanna do”のお侍さん。

Bellow, finishing the dragon that this client had started back in the shop. Check it here

drache frau deutschland wuppertal tattoo convention

And meanwhile…
wuppertal tattoo convention4
I couldn’t believe my eyes! Met my friend U. and his wife! Man, what a surprise…I had tattooed him around 2007/2008, I guess. We kept in contact sporadically and I had told that I moved here a while ago. He lives in a totally different state, so I was not even expecting to be able to see him this year.
Who could imagine that our worlds would collide once again after these years? Small world…and again, I felt blessed for being chosen by this job.
I wouldn’t be able to visit (or even live, like now) distant countries and meet different people and cultures, if wasn’t for tattooing.
On top of that, my friend had added a wonderful collection on his body by a renowned artist. He proudly sports an incredible beautiful body suit now!
I confess that I’m so happy for him, he really got hooked on tattoos since them.
Again, how wonderful is this our world of tattoos!


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