Schwedisch Deutsch Freundschaft flash 2

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blood work tattoo carlosaustokio1
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blood work tattoo carlosaustokio

Well, it took me a entire day off to draw this 2 flashes and I still wonder why. OK, recently I’m being a little bit more careful when I do paint the flashes but still myself feeling guilty for all the slowness.
Quality should speak over quantity obviously. Looking back to the drawings done back in Japan; I can’t lie that few things were roughly done in a hurry.
I honestly accept the criticism, and I do recognize that time seemed to be a issue back them.
Without perceiving, my feelings were unstable due to the uncertainty of the shops future. And, I do believe it came (in a negative form) as a rough results.
There’s few things I wanna clear myself before the end of this year. Places that I will visit and re-visit my points and perspectives. I wish they will be reflected on my future drawings and consequently on my tattoos.
I thank again my friend Horse from Sweden for this collaboration drawing project. It’s been fun, and foremost an a eye opener.
You never walk alone!


Frohe Weihnachten!

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