Hiryū (fliegender Drache) projekt (letzte termin)

Hiryu Japanische drache tattoo6

Finally finished this long (but pleasant) tattoo!
So, in total was 8 sessions. We did so much on the 7th session, but hands had call for a quit. After several hours, it made no apparent reason for trying to break a record or to finish by all means necessary. Much of leaving the ego-thing apart.
And me and the customer surely were happy for the (wise) decision. The last session (8th) was mellow and smooth.
I confess that I had to rush in the past due to schedules and other matters. I made a decision to take the time to do it right, and I mean it.
Not that past works were done careless, but I mean it will be more carefully from now on.
Prepare your soul and enjoy

(Click to enlarge) Above: session #7. Bellow: last session. Past sessions: follow from here

ラストはとてもゆったりと、いい映画のエンディングロールを見るような感覚でした (わかるかな?)


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