Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung

I’ve been posting a lot of tattoos in progress and their respective step by step photos in this blog. But, I though would be interesting to have some step by step of some tattoo drawings as well.
Often people do ask me how long it takes to finish up a drawing.
Actually that’s even more tough than answering how long it takes to finish a tattoo.
As I do (not so meticulously) count the time taken for tattoos, I never minded with the drawings.
Plus, I only can draw in between appointments or when I do finish my day at the shop.
So, I do take drawings more as a exercise and training rather than turning ’em to “art piece” so to speak.
Doing bit’s here and there I can feel more confident with themes that come up often (and not) to the request pallet.
This time I attempted a dragon design, as I’m getting few calls for this popular tattoo. And I re-visited one more time this theme in hopes of finding a new trick or a forgotten one.
The size is an a A3 paper (297X420 mm/ 11.7X16.5 in)
Please take a look on the photos bellow and enjoy!
japanese dragon tattoo drawing1
Above: First night, lines

japanese dragon tattoo drawing2
Above left: Second day morning. Right: Second day, night
japanese dragon tattoo drawing3
Above left: 3rd day morning. Right: 3rd day night, finished
japanese dragon tattoo drawing4
Above: complete drawing
Next time I will count the time consumed as well, if I don’t forget it!



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