Schrift tattoo

  • Vlog 2

    Second video, in Japanese only

  • Margarita Neri メキシコ水滸伝

    She was a fierce soldadera, a female soldier of the Mexican revolution. Neri commanded a unity of more than 1000 women in 1910, throughout Tabasco and Chiapas. Always carrying a machete, vowing to decapitate dictator Porfirio Días⚔️ Don’t mess with her❗️💪 #heroes of suikoden # Mexican version

  • Fudō-cholo

  • The power of the spirit over the mind


  • Lettering tattoos


  • Schriftzuge/ Lettering tattoo 3


  • Schriftzuge/ Lettering tattoo 2


  • Schriftzuge/ Lettering tattoo 1


  • Schriftzuge/ Lettering tattoo

    ca.drei Stunde, sketch zeit inklusive About 3 hours to finish (including sketch time) 久々の文字タトゥーをアップ!こちらは仕上がりまで約三時間、デザイン時間込みで