Speaking of Hannyas…and others


I had tattooed my Italian friend Andrea (center photo) in 2010. He got this old school looking Hannya (left photo) back them, and we had the chance to meet again the following year.

He’s really good at dealing with the internet. Launching blogs like this one, showing his t-shirt collection.
He’s also a damn good photographer.

In 2011, he came to play some gigs with a local Japanese band and he did the vocals and made a little tour with the boys, doing it straight up punk style. Sleeping in the Van, drinking cheap booze and playing loud as you can.

At the end of the tour, he visited me and asked for a Namakubi (Severed head) tattoo. Shocking as it might look, the Namakubi means punishment if they are not living a truly righteous life, the circle of life and death and fearless.

Interesting when he choose the area, there was already a lettering with the inscriptions “One chance”. We took it as a “one chance” to live your life to the fullest before you become a Namakubi itself.



そのツアーを終えて、今度は”生首”を彫りたいと再びやってきた。選んだ場所にはすでに彫ってあった”ワン チャンス”という文字があり、生首というデザインにピッタリだねと二人で話した。要は、人生は一度のチャンスしかないんだから自分が死ぬ前に(生首になっちゃう前に?)一生懸命生きましょうねという解釈を僕たちはした。


And after the tattoo was done, I started take the photos as usual. When I asked him to cross his arms, I noticed his t-shirt print. The image came in my head in a instant sparkle. The Namakubi had this sad look, because he was “dumped” by the girl (on the t-shirt), and she was now hooked with the skull guy.

There’s no coincidence for the photo. And there’s no coincidence why I met Andrea.



photo by Andrea Canthc , while he was getting tattooed (2011)
photo by Andrea Canthc , while he was getting tattooed (2011)
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