Looking back the future

Projects like this are a standard now days for customers on their late 20’s,30’s and elder. What I gonna write here today is not by any means negative or putting down people featured hereIMG_2941
Above is the original tattoo done by another artist few years agoIMG_2942IMG_2945
Rough sketch and tattooed part, respectivelyIMG_2943IMG_2946
Tattoos don’t have a “trend”. Designs and styles are not “in vogue”, so to speak. What does exist is what Freud would describe as Totemism. Instinctively, we do emulate (or copy) what others do or what we see. Subconsciously, our mind is settled this way. We learn the language mocking our parents, and we understand forms and colors through visual contact.

Tribal tattoos are a sub-genre of a sub-genre called tattoo.
In siege for a cultural connotation, a form of camaraderie or simply a vague and romantic view of a forgotten civilization. Whatever is the reason, this style was “big” in the 80’s to the 90’s.
Part of those accounts can be credited to publications. Books and magazines carried the topic ferociously.
Similar to what we see today within the Japanese style. Another sub-genre of the sub-genre.

As now, the Japanese style kinda took over and I wonder…will it face the same fate of 80’s-90’s tribal fever?
What I want to say is: Get what you like, not what you see.



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