Another gig my ears bleed

Oh yeah, February is coming to an end. Time to pack the gear, load the guns and hit the road!
From March there’s a couple of tattoo conventions scheduled through out the country. See the schedules here
I love being out there, visiting new cities, remembering old ones and best of all: leaving up my “mark” on every soil we’re stepping in.
A bit of pirates life, with the only small difference of smart phones, GPS and all the technology backing us up and not counting greasy food and cheap beer to entertain us all.
Well, guess no much has changed since our brothers sailed across the world some hundred years ago…

And this weekend we start at Tattoo Expo Leipzig (link here)
Made a new photo book, just as I did before (here). Happy that this one contains script/ lettering tattoos all done here. Come and check at the show, I hope you will enjoy!

tattoo schrift book
clean tattooer

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