Japanische Drachen Tätowierung Zeichnung 3

dragon tattoo design3
Top left: Sketch on transparent paper and clear outlines on harder paper, about 2 hours. Right: Painting backgrounds, about 2 hours.
Bottom: The finished drawing. About 3 hours to finish the body and other parts
japanese dragon tattoo3
If you’ve been following this Dragon tattoo drawings, you can realize that the time taken to finish a sheet isn’t differing that much.
Say, it is about 7 to 8 hours to complete. I’m not sure if this is actually a good number. My wish is to shorten bit’s, but again…
The task just will be harder and harder from now on.

Dragons are popular tattoos. Over exposed, worked and rendered by centuries and by ALL tattooers past and present.
That’s why it gets harder as more I draw it.
It’s like music. From 7 basic notes, people composed from classic to popular. To make your song stand out in the crowd with these notes?
So, it had been a good exercise for me. Looking back again from chord to chord, color to color.
Will look for some more inspirations soon, or rather stop to look at them all!
Will post more about this matter in another time. Thanx for following!





pentel brush pencils

Above are the pens and brushes I’m using to draw.
Brand: Pentel and Tombow. Both Japanese, but I found it here.
I briefly mentioned in past posts (here and here)
They are not expensive as Copic markers, but aren’t cheaper either. So, presently I’m working with a basic limited number of colors (say 6/ 7 colors)
When I get more confident to paint with ’em, I might expand my pallet.

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