Tattoo show Stuttgart (review)

Another great experience last weekend (4 to 6, April) on my 3rd participation at this convention (link)
The great thing about going to the same tattoo convention every year is, meeting old friends and family spread around and gathering for the same game once again.
Stuttgart is a city that I only know very briefly, but I had a good feeling since I came here for the first time.
And “vibe” is very important for me. Some places (not just conventions) that I visited in the past never gave me this instant rapport thing.
One of the reasons I’m living here now, is definitely this “instant rapport thing” I felt when I set foot here in 2000 and tens.
Back to the convention story…

Since I’m mad dogging myself in participate in all tattoo conventions I can and the ones that catch my interest (obviously) , I’m starting to re-think about the whole thing.
I mean, if is only to “participate”… everyone can do it.
So, I set up some personal “goals” since this year’s for every convention I will be taking part.
Some personal, some artistic (like bringing a new drawing for each convention) and some are monetary.
I know it kinda turns down people when we talk about money, but hey; I’m a pro. I get payed for what I do.
And convention goers must not forget: Some traveled from abroad. Some had to drive long hours. Everyone have to find a place to stay and pay for the booth rent.
None of these efforts could be done, if there’s no reason to spread our word and work for people to see it and ultimately, get it on skin.

For the one’s that got the message and choose one of us to transcribe their thoughts on skin, I thank you all again!
Keep tattooing alive!





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