Accel, no breaks

Fresh back from a stint at Cologne City Tattoo and now working on accumulated client drawings.
I have to say that was a very fun and profitable guest week. I couldn’t be more fortunate for having people that dig working with and obviously, hanging with as well.
Gone are the days of drunkenness and endless partying with members of shop(s).
Same apply for conventions, I wanna do all these stints in a professional manner as possible.
Not trying to sound like a cold dead soulless man, but I have to admit that past experiences enriched bit’s of what are the limits and distance we should keep between ourselves.
At the end, everybody wins.
Fxxk the hype! No more tears to wipe!

Published by Carlos aus Tokyo

Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Owner of hännyahead tattoo

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