Oberhausen Tattoo Bash (review)

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I wasn’t writing any reviews recently, because the 2 past conventions I took part didn’t work out for me that good.
Well, we can’t expect only positive results from every trip. Reality is, that slowly getting to understand the system of my new environment; I have to carefully avoid to stagnate myself.
This last convention in Oberhausen was again, like all conventions I participated an a eye opener.
Since I moved here (because of the language barrier), I learned to be more a hearer than a talker.
For not being able to expose all thoughts verbally, as a human being I learned (and still learning) that perception is a important guider.
Making new friends. Listening to new words, and above all, laughing.
It makes me feel so good to laugh, being laughed and making people laugh.
That might be the answer. But is too early to say so, so I will laugh again.


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