Liebe Sohn 3

Total drei termine. Erste termin hier, zweiter termin hier
carlos aus tokio
Total 3 sessions. Click here for the first, and here for the second.
Finally finished. Poor dude, had to come back just to fill in bit’s. Well, but we’ve done without rush and no time pressure. Feels good to me.

Tattooing have different flows so to speak. When you’re on a process for a big project, have in mind that timing and above all, the preparation have a huge weight on how much can be done. Mental preparation, yes. Physical preparation, yes. And everything can take a 180 degree radical shift change depending on how the session can be broken with a single slight intervention (even if is not on propose)

That, definitely makes tattooing fun. It’s when comes the stress topic that I had posted before here.
That can be counted as a “prosperous” stress, or however it might be called. Hence, the mental preparation.

The best is to have an a open mind. When you can accept that anything can happen, and you might need to come back.
At the end, you will know it was better on the long run. Why worry? Why rush? Tattooing will be on there forever.
Just follow the flow, life is like a river




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