Blutarbeit projekt 4

May the hammer of Thor strike down on all fake posers
Left: Horse Right: Carlos
deutschland schweden tattoo 2

Left: Carlos Right: Horse
deutschland schweden tattoo

Top: Horse Bottom: Carlos
carlos aus tokio deutschland tattoo

Left: Carlos Right: Horse
blood work tattoo sweden 2

Round 1 of the flash project! I’m really proud for this first step. And like any project, the first step is very crucial!
I had done similar things in the past, but I can’t really remember of being so happy with the result and the overall concept.
The big “problem” with this kind of collaboration drawings is that sometimes the other guy comes so eager in do something unbelievable crazy or so super-technical that at the end kinda destroys the whole sheet, making it looking like a mess, a blast of colors and shapes.

And I guess, we kinda succeed in keep the bullshit pride/ ego thing locked somewhere.
And, because we are working respectively in different tattoo styles; I guess it does not hurt each othere’s in that sense.
All in all, I hope you find the idea interesting! Would be great to have more artists involved in something like this in the future. Who knows? Who wants?
Please check the last post here about the project, and follow the links to have an a better idea of our aiming.
Also, don’t forget to check my friend’s Horse blog. You can find on the “Links” corner on the left side of this page. But I know you are too lazy to click in there, so here we go!
He does not write much text, but MF is a mean writer and avid reader. You never stop laughing with his emails!

PS: End of the next month is the dead line for the round 2! I will keep you posted



Happy Helloween!


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