L.H.E.★ Long Horn Extravaganza re-loaded

sweden tattoo1
At least, but not last!
Time to start again our flash project between me and my Swedish friend Old Horse (his Instagram here)
It was aside for a little while, but now we gonna kick these babies again. We will work mainly on “women” theme. So, he sent me a bunch of mother redemption flashes. Now, time to spin!
sweden tattoo2
And meanwhile, got a visit from my old friend White Ghost (his Instagram here) from Sweden as well. Nice little painting he presented me and very good tips for drawings. These are the true dudes!


Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 13 (Fire & Earth)

swedish tattoo carlos aus tokio
Above Left: Horse (http://instagram.com/theeoldehorse) Right: myself

It took a while, but here’s my version of Fire
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Surprising mails on the box. Both from Sweden, but not geographically.
The first was the continuation of our project Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project (Fire & Earth). You can see previous post here
My friend Old Horse version of Fire just arrived and I’m already spinning on ideas to cover the other half of his flash.
The bastard already finished the one I had sent. You can check on his Instagram (here) or blog (here)


The other parcel was from another Swedish friend, but currently living around the world.
Mattias sent me this little photo booklet a couple weeks ago, and this is so sabbatical!
Quite different from photos he usually takes or the ones I had seen before. Maybe is this unique format (6X6), or the lightning…I don’t know. So gloomy and dark. Perfect gift to enjoy the depressive European winter!
You can order this book at Galeria de Muerte (Tokyo). Link here, or have a sneak peak at the shop Instagram here
Check the comment box of Instagram, seems that they ship overseas too!


tack så mycket brothers! Discofitta NU!

Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 12 (Fire & Earth)

seilor jerry pin up
As I promised (here), my version of Earth (Rock) theme. Now time to work on what Horse’s will bring! You can check his blog here, and Instagram here

Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 11 (Fire & Earth)

Sneak peak of the next drawing for Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project with my friend Old Horse from Sweden.
sailor jerry2

sailor jerry1

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Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 10 (Water & Air)

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herbert hoffman flash1
Here’s my version of Water theme. Like my friend Horse, I took the inspiration from Herbert Hoffmann flash designs as well.
herbert hoffman flash
As you can see, the word “Letzte” it’s appearing on both versions. It means “last” in German. So, Horse’s drawing translates as the “Last Trip” (or last deployment, in sailor’s terminology). Mine, as “The last man”.
And I found this flash book from Herbert Hoffmann, notorious Hamburg tattooer and this drawing just was perfect to fill in the other half.
herbert hoffman flash2
I changed it to a samurai holding a navy flag, commonly mistakenly called (or related to) war flag.
In Japan recently the use and display of this flag it’s been discussed and bringing controversy.
Neighbor countries, China and Korea blame the Japanese that the display of this flag it’s a reminiscent of WW2 imperialist ideology. So, it started from being banned from soccer stadiums (the last preliminary World Cup matches in both respective countries)
I obviously drew it as a relation of this flash theme that is about ships, sea and of course navy (merchant or military)
At the same time, I confess that I drew with feelings of patriotism and pride of my own heritage.
I hope I will not be the last to share these sentiments.

thee old horse schweden
Above is Horse’s version of Wind. Check his blog here and Instagram here

Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 9 (Water & Air)

Pleasant surprise to open the mail box (the real one, not the virtual) and find this:
thee oldhorse tattoo
Old Horse’s (his Instagram here) version for Water just arrived in my hands. Look here to see my version of Air. Now time to spin on some ideas to fill the other half page. I already know what’s gonna be, just need to sit down and flow the ideas!
The first of many “Reise” to come!

Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 8 (Water & Air)

New task for our little project between me and Old Horse (his blog here)
tattoo flash project1
This time will be “Water” and “Air”. I choose air, and made my version of Njörðr (God of wind in the Norse mythology)
OK, isn’t really air, air…but wind is… you know what I mean!
Past drawings of this project can be seen all here
Hope you enjoy!