Surprising mails on the box. Both from Sweden, but not geographically.
The first was the continuation of our project Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project (Fire & Earth). You can see previous post here
My friend Old Horse version of Fire just arrived and I’m already spinning on ideas to cover the other half of his flash.
The bastard already finished the one I had sent. You can check on his Instagram (here) or blog (here)


The other parcel was from another Swedish friend, but currently living around the world.
Mattias sent me this little photo booklet a couple weeks ago, and this is so sabbatical!
Quite different from photos he usually takes or the ones I had seen before. Maybe is this unique format (6X6), or the lightning…I don’t know. So gloomy and dark. Perfect gift to enjoy the depressive European winter!
You can order this book at Galeria de Muerte (Tokyo). Link here, or have a sneak peak at the shop Instagram here
Check the comment box of Instagram, seems that they ship overseas too!


tack så mycket brothers! Discofitta NU!

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