Hiryū (fliegender Drache) projekt (Dritter termin)

letzte termin hier
japanische mythologie tattoo deutschland 1

japanische mythologie tattoo deutschland
3rd session of our friend, please click here for the past one.

Well, my posts of tattoos in progress do not follow a correct chronological order. I mean, I do not post the work in the same day I did it. The reason, is that I need to work the photos on Photoshop and obviously, I can’t do everything in the same day most of times. BTW, I do not change or re-touch colors with the Photoshop. I only crop, cut and paste like the photo above.

For big projects like this, I always take photos of each session during it’s course.
Reason number one, I need to look at them and think about what are the tasks left for the upcoming session.
So, while I stress every time that tattoos are only possible with the both parts involved being mentally and physically prepared, obviously there’s a little more weight on the tattooist side.

To complete any tattoo, research and preparation are crucial. It’s the same topic I wrote recently here.
It’s good to train the eye for themes and topics that might be requested or it might never be requested during the artists entire carrier.
But, is better to know (and feel secure and comfortable) that you had drawn or researched the subject before.

So I am, at the moment (still) researching and thinking about what are the best possibilities to finish this tattoo for instance.
For you, the viewer (reader) of this blog, it might be just a photo for you appreciation on what’s going on with my works now.
For me, it is a dual pointed sword. I might be throwing myself into the ridiculous, but my aim here is to not hide or lie on what I can possible reach with my skills available in my hands at the moment.

Tattoos tells no lies, you only have two answers: right or wrong




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