“Longhorn Extravaganza” flash project 2

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bloodwork tattoo flash2

bloodwork tattoo flash1

The finished Life & Death flashes from my side. Please check Horse‘s blog for his version here
I based my drawings on Russian prison tattoos this time.
Check a nice publishing company releasing books on this subject here

Wrongly I assumed that it would be more simplistic in terms of colors, as usually prison tattoos (elsewhere) are done solely with black and not so much intricate shadings, using mainly bold outlining and dot’s for filling in blank spaces.

Well, I don’t wanna see any dots for a little while…(laughs)

Obviously I emulated the “style” of prison tattoos and not their designs itself. A little “twist & switch” towards the dark subject of killing and be killed by music (or what a music style stands for).
Rap, Black Metal and tattoos. An a explosive combination?
Just for the record, my drawings were made under these soundtracks blasting on my Spotify.

Another source of inspiration was the movie Siberian Education. I will not say if (the movie) was good or bad, as I solely watched (or payed attention) on tattoo related scenes. And it is featured a lot throughout the story.
The crude hand poke procedure is pretty much legit I can say.

Giving continuation to this exciting project, at end of March we will be launching the next flash. keep your eyes open!


後は映画Siberian Education『シベリアン・エデュケーション(原題)』(2013年 伊・ジョン・マルコヴィッチ主演)もヒントになりました。映画の中でかなりの率でタトゥーネタが登場するので、そっちばかり観て話の内容がイマイチ理解していませんw


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