“Longhorn Extravaganza” flash project 3

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long horn extravaganza tattoo flash project

Previous drawing for this project here
Again, with all the daily shop tasks and preparations for upcoming conventions (Did you checked the schedules here?), I forgot to take my drawing photo (with my real camera) before sending the parcel to my friend Horse (his blog here)
Well, but you can still enjoy and have an a idea of our current theme Man & Women.
His redemption to old Hamburg’s tattooer and legend Herbert Hoffmann (Wikipedia page here) and my version of freedom fighting women East and West.
Coincidence or not, Herbert Hoffmann “fought” for his craft (tattooing was looked down by the Nazi’s at his life time) as well.
I guess the message is there (from different perspectives) that tattooing stands for/ from the “against” sentiments (be it physical or mental oppressions)

Now, time to fill in the other half page of each others flash.
Soooo many ideas popping up in my head now…
End of this month we will be (as usual) publishing the final result on our respective blogs. Keep your eyes open!

マーカスはハンブルグ(ドイツ)で長らく活躍した彫師ハーバト ホフマンのオリジナル下絵からヒント。



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