Just back from Tattoo Bash Köln! I was a bit “away” from internet connection and text writing during the last weekend, but here’s bit’s of explanations of past posts + photos. I hope you enjoy!

As I wrote before (here) I do not pretend to have internet so soon on my mobile phone, for reals (Still, never say never).

Most of the posts from last week were scheduled ahead while I was going to be out for the convention. And so I do for every trip.
Obviously there’s the opinion that people do not need to post daily. But only when “something” happens.
Not trying to brag, but with me everyday is a “happening day”.
A new tattoo, a new drawing, a new idea, a new project.
24-7 tattooing babe. Simple, simple.
I did not started this blog with the intention of making a diary thing, hence no “live postings” from iPhone’s or such.
But, I wanna keep posting. Not for my ego. But as a way to keep everybody (that I had a chance to meet or tattoo) being able to have a smile a day.
A surprise or a deception. Depending on how you see it.
Actions leads to reactions. That’s what I’m doing here.

So, let’s review bit’s of past posts starting from here.
Not a very good final photo, but I hope to get a healed one in the future. The last session took about 2hours and half if my memory isn’t wrong.

Well, schedules are something hard to accommodate both parts. Maybe the customer is coming from far, maybe you don’t have any certain days of the week open few months ahead.
I personally do not push people to finish in small sessions, as I think is not fair for the customers body.
People can handle at that instant, but have to deal with a swollen arm for a week (for example).
All in all, the piece is finished. Again, it needs a better photo to tell the gradations and shades of grey.

The Longhorn Extravaganza project (here) always fun and always challenging!
This time the theme was “Man & Women”, and my friend Horse (his blog here) sent me this redemption of Herbert Hoffmann’s flash. With no intentions to offend, the flash meant to be “gay-ish”. Herbert himself was homosexual, and his designs sometimes leaned towards this direction. Remember the guy was tattooing at a time that this was really a taboo. And remember kids, the word tattoo delivers from the original word taboo. Gotcha?

Last but not least, the Koi drawing series (here). I’m posting them sporadically when I don’t feel to write anything. But still, I hope it speaks for itself.

Soon I will be posting photos of works I done at the convention. Meanwhile enjoy the photos I took during the days we stayed in the vibrant Cologne.





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