Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know I suck in posting anything related besides tattooing.
I had seen other (tattoo) blogs and I spot people posting stuff they eat, places they hang out or simply drunk face photos with other tattoo celebrities and friends.
I’m not against that. I’m just 24/ 7 tattoo guy, I guess. Can’t help myself 😉

Just for the record, I do have a life too. Ain’t gonna state my life is tattoos and shit like that, but say; tattoos take a large amount of my life’s space.
And I don’t get tired of that. More the other way around, actually.

These photos I took from a friends gig last time, are one of my hobbies so to speak. Photography is fun. And in a way I got hooked (on photography) through tattooing, obviously.
First I had to learn how to take tattoo photos. And everything developed from there.
Just like tattooing, the more you do, the more you immerse yourself. At least in my case.

So, it was a good weekend exercise for my photos. And a good moment to reach the surface for some air…excellent weekend for everyone reading this blog!




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