Longhorn Extravaganza Flash project 5 (War & Hate)

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Fight the power!

war in europe

The new tattoo flash project theme is “War & Hate”. I got the idea after visiting a war memorial museum.
The visit itself made me think how war can define aesthetics in general (depending on winning results, so to speak).
Certain symbols get banned. Flag designs are changed. Colors become synonymous of evil or good, justice or punishment.

As you all know, Japan also were severely affected by the war in different aspects of life. Stigmas and shadows that still (after more than 60 years) helping to confuse the thin line between pride and patriotism.
Tattoos deals a lot with this symbolism. Be it an eagle spreading his wings or a samurai holding a sword fiercely.
It subconsciously connect us with sentiments of pride and dignity.

A World cup is approaching, elections were held in EU, and once again those themes of racism and vociferous nationalism/ patriotism will be on rise again.
Tattoos are codifying these sentiments? Tattoos are a transgression of those feelings?
Or they are “just” tattoos?
Don’t believe the hype!

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