The Rock 3

Dritter termin. Letzte termin hier
maori mask tattoo carlos aus tokio
3rd session. Click here for the previous one
It’s been a year long since Arthur had his last session. Well, glad that he’s back and at the same time have to confess that tattoo wise, things changed a lot in my mind.
Certain things I did back then, might not apply to what I would do now.
As usual, I do not outline the entire thing in the first hit.
I prefer to work by parts and puzzle them together later. So, when I or the customer come up with a new idea to incorporate; we still have room to consider.
This time wasn’t different. The center of his arm (the circle) will feature something completely new from what we previously talked last year.
Tattoo is like life itself, always evolve.
schönes wochenende für alles!

約一年放置w まあ、戻って来てくれただけでありがたいんで。今回からまたいいペースで通って仕上げてくれる事を願ってます。

finished 2

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