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Insgesamt Zwei Termine. Vielen Dank Eva, sehr schönes Zeit mit dir 🙏インスピが全てを左右する世界。そう感じる、自分の日々の生活の中でも。それに向かってと言うよりは、導かれてるって事だね。鼻息荒くして求めても、来ない物はどう踏ん張っても来ないし。自然の流れで、自分自身をゆだねて。力まず。そこから新しい世界の幕開けだにゃ。

Black Panther

Finished last year. After and between lockdowns and other things, a touch up was recently done. Hope it will be healed ok. Thanx for looking

Schlange 🐍 Rose 🌹 (Behind the scene)



Insgesamt Zwei Sitzung


Insgesamt vier Sitzungen
Jede Termin, ca. Drei Stunden. Dankeschön Sabrina!
wie ein Tattoo vom Anfang bis zum Ende entsteht?👉🏻 Menu👉🏻 Tattoo Process

Le Dragon

Only lines. At first, I thought the request was a bit strange. But I liked the final result and I now understand that she wants everything in this graphic direction, if that’s how you call it


ca.Zwei Jahre alt


Roses for Isabelle


Hannya Projekt 3

Just found this woman in a bikini website. Differently from the average super skinny/ super shaped/ super hipster girls we see out there, as a mirror of what supposed to be the adjective of “beauty “. I think this model/ photo it’s what I was looking for as a perfectly realistic beauty. That’s how I see customers body shape day to day. And hope it can better explain how the finished tattoo can look for a person that can relate to his or her own body shape we all have and that we must not be ashamed by, at all! At the end, what I want to say is: Tattoos always make you look better 💪