Life as a open book

Since last year, I immersed myself in this crazy drawing marathon. My goal in 2012 was to draw one B4 size ( 353mm X 250mm / 13.9 X 9.8 in ) illustration board a day. Obviously, with all the tasks surrounding to keep up with the shop, plus the tattooing itself with the clients and their respective drawing assignments it turned to be a real hard core task. But despite the numbers ( I finished 200 drawings last year ), I somehow never felt a single stress in trying to accomplish the goal. Well, as the numbers say above, I couldn’t finish 365 drawings. But, needles to say I am proud of the amount reached at the end. This is because I simply stopped to count them after a while, and just decided to draw for the simple pleasure of drawing it. And magically the numbers were quite high for my expectations. Not bragging about, as I know more than anything that quality stands above quantity ( when speaking of tattooing itself as well ) but the “marathon” gave me a certain self confidence at the end. That I would be able to draw fast and with precision. Two crucial points when you are making a tattoo drawing for someone. Nobody likes to wait…

I always try to draw themes that I usually do not get requested often, but also; I do go back and forth to themes that are often popular within the tattoo iconography. Such as in this case, is the Hannya.
Personally is a image that attracts me and I myself have this image on my back, chest and few other places in my body. When in my childhood, it was one the first contacts I had with Japanese motifs. I often saw the ferocious mask hanging in someone’s house from time to time. It would fascinate and scare the shit out of me…
Although , this series of 25 drawings were made this year, 2013. If I am not wrong starting on beginning of January. I will start to post them, and the other 200 when I run out of ideas to write a post.




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