Tales from da black book (completed)

weiter Auswahl für schriftzüge tattoo kannst Du hier (link) oder hier (link) finden As promised here, the lettering tattoo sketch book is ready! Enjoy the video 🙂 以前(こちら)約束した書体・文字タトゥースケッチブックが仕上がりました!ビデオをご覧ください。 よい祝日を!

Books. Books are cool. Internet provide us with images, that’s right. But personally, I like books. You just can sit and analyze photos and drawings with more time, with more care. From above: The first two photos are from a book of horses (obviously) I recently bought. So many close ups and details. This willContinue reading

Koi tattoo 23

Check here, here and here to see all the designs connected. こちら、こちらとこちらをご覧いただければ、全てのデザインが下の写真の様に繋がります。 Click image above to enlarge 上の写真はクリックすれば拡大出来ます