Books. Books are cool.
Internet provide us with images, that’s right. But personally, I like books. You just can sit and analyze photos and drawings with more time, with more care.
From above: The first two photos are from a book of horses (obviously) I recently bought. So many close ups and details. This will be a must for reference.
The middle 3 photos are from a series I already was starting to collect in Japan, as you can see on the last 2 photos bellow.
It’s from a British company called Wooden Books
Click here and you can browse through their releases.
Very complicated (to my brain at least) stuff they publish, but I just love the size and design of this collection. A must if you’re into patterns and mandala-like designs. Honestly a total foreigner tattoo style for me…But I will read it, I promise!

写真(上2点):馬の写真集。午年は去年でしたねw 干支は関係ないけど、これはいずれ下絵のネタとして使うだろう思って買いました。アップの写真も結構あるんで、新たな発見がありました。動物は難しいんです。


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