Empire of senses

I was not writing texts for a little while, for the simple reason of not having constant access to wi-fi. Needles to say, I was feeling myself guilty a little bit. Not used to blog myself, I don’t know if “blogging” itself supposed to be a daily diary writing like, a monologue, or just a photo essay of our habits…

Speaking of habits, when do we face different social or cultural aspects, the very ones that change, modify or should I say re- define our daily life, I do take it as a very healthy and positive challenge.

For myself living in different countries and continents through the years, gave me a notion of “openness ” to not judge anything (or anyone) before I see it.
At the same time, I should confess that as a any other human being, I do judge as soon as I see it.

Shocking, depriving, scary. There’s some of the reactions people do have when they see a tattooed person.

With time, talking to them, most will note that judgements are sometimes wrong.

When they asked me to check the local festivity, I was first stoked to hear that they will “burn crosses”. Obviously, my first reaction was a mix of surprise and shock.

I explained that this would be totally wrong in certain countries, and the message contained would be totally misunderstood.

Hence,I went to see it myself before judging.



As soon as I saw it, and heard that it was an old pagan tradition, it reminded me of japanese Shinto traditions, pagan as well.
Tattooing also would be quoted as an old tradition (pagan or not).
Older as the humans itself, misunderstood and persecuted throughout history. It lived it’s fate as well.
Burning the crosses, where one of the “impositions” made by the ancient people of this land when they had to “accept” Christianity centuries ago.

Guess is the same idea when the old Vikings built the beautiful churches in Norway. All made by wood and beautifully carved with their heathen gods.

I asked myself, what will be the “impositions” we gonna have to make when new cultures do rise and we do face them again?








Like any festivity, pagan or not, everything ends with lots of alcohol…lets remember tomorrow .

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