Light upon us

These photos were taken in December of 2010.
Strangely, this photos came out a bit “darker” than the previous one’s. Not because of her dyed hair, make-up or dark clothes and dark background…
I mean dark as they were predicting what would happen few months later on March 2011.
All the knitting girls went back to their homeland. A vacuum were formed not just in my shop back them, but in the entire country.
By no means I’m saying that this photos bring me bad/ sad memories.
I’m just saying that photos are a such powerful tool sometimes. Recalling memories. Bringing back origins and re-questioning why tattoos…


Now, emotions are putted aside and we can recollect the facts occurred.
Why tattoos?
Because we are human beings.
Tattoos states that. We are human beings.
And tattoos are a light, brightening our path. With hopes that we will knot these ends again.

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