The Rock

Lately when people ask for Tribal tattoos, more specifically Polynesian style tattoos (or inspired on it) I usually hear the name “The Rock”.
If you’re not aware, is the pseudonym of Dwayne Douglas Johnson. Former WWE wrestler and now turned actor in movies like Fast & Furious series.
Well, I’m pretty sure you had seen him if you Google his name.
And yes, you will spot a big tattoo on his arm with Polynesian inspired patterns.
Most people reefer their request as a “The Rock tattoo” for not knowing exactly how to call that design.
So do I.

I was a bit confused when I started to get those requests.
Is these people fans of the wrestler/ actor?
Is these guys want to have a Polynesian style tattoo? (If you didn’t know, that’s how it’s called)
Is this guy going to get the tattoo first and then hit the gym?
‘Cuz his arms are too skinny to emulate that…
And on and on and on. My head would spin 4/ 5 times before I could find out what exactly the request meant.

They just don’t know how to refer to the style. They know is “tribal”. Even “tribal” were not called “tribal”, say many years ago.
People would come and ask for: “You know that tattoo only with black color”, “That indigenous design”, “The one from the members of Red Hot Chili Peppers”, etc, etc.
So, now internet solve our problems and we can get an answer or thousand.
Say it came to save our time or in other hand, just makes us more confused. With more questions than answers.

And that’s the point: Sometimes questions are more important than the answers. Questioning, doubting.
When you Google “Polynesian tattoo”, the first images popping will be the one’s of our friend “The Rock”.

So, is this the answer?
For many people seems so.
I would suggest a questioning. Maybe it is for him (The Rock himself) a representation of his heritage. Or maybe another personal symbol. An a adornment. Or it was just “cool”…
We simply don’t know.

So, that’s why I wrote above “So do I”, when the question is how to call that design.
Only Mr. Rock himself have the right to call it as “The Rock tattoo”. Because it’s his design.
All others that found the “answer” might call it something else.
And you only will be able to call it “(your name here) tattoo” when you earn that tattoo.

And earning is not just getting the tattoo. Is becoming the synonymous of the tattoo itself.
When your friends or people that just lightly knows you, start to reefer you as “the guy with that big black tattoo on his chest to the shoulder blades and arm”. Your tattoo is you.

That’s how they supposed to call “that” design.
And then, you will really start to rock.

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