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Back from a busy and fun weekend, but this will be a topic for a future post.
Hanging with new made friends, made me figure that the more you interact the more you can invite onto your self.
Breaking the shell can mean the inverse. The shell can be your secure area, your house and territory.
You can break it and go out, but changing its appearance to blend in might not be a straight connection to acceptance itself.
In Japan, it would be common place. People work for the group instead of the individual. A topic I wrote before here
That’s maybe tales like the Nine-tailed fox can be found.
An animal (Fox) mutating to a women and living among humans, unnoticed.

In the west, were the individualism is praised; would be mistaken as a sneaky move so to speak.
But the feelings towards transformation have it’s variations. While Jack & Hide, Dracula or any other transformation / mutation tale always carries a negative stigma, in the East it is viewed as a magical/ divine power shared only by the few.
Instead of mutating the self into a totally different appearance (and thus scaring), in the East it’s description commonly deals with humans among humans themselves.
Some sort of nirvana reached with the Yin-Yang formula. The more we try (going ’round and ’round) we end finding the answer in the most common formulas and appearances. At the end, we are just humans.


carlos 3a

Tattoo of Nine-tailed fox. Finished and photographed in 2007.


carlos 3b

carlos 3c

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