Blutarbeit Projekt

Fresh back from the convention and time to kick another interesting project.
Well, obviously the seed was planted more than a month ago. And now is time to lay your souls to the god’s of rock’n’roll!
The idea started with a skype session with my dear friend and fellow tattoo artist Markus Winter from Bloodwork Tattoo (Sweden). Suddenly he brought this very interesting proposal of a “trade” of drawings.
The ball just rolled and we got in terms:
a) Once a month we will draw and send half of a A3 size drawing to each other
b) The remaining half page have to be completed by each of us
c) Markus do specialize in Old School/ Traditional and I, in Tribal and Japanese. So we will “switch” each others style as a challenge

Pretty simple and interesting project. Don’t you think so?
Check his blog here

Oh, and BTW…I’m updating some of the old works I had done back in Tokyo. Please check them here



今回は昔からの友達のスウェーデン人アーティストのマーカスとコラボ。彼も最近まではBloodwork Tattooというショップを地元ヨーテボリでオープンしていて、今年から本格的に予約オンリー、口コミオンリーのプライベートショップに移り変った。




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