I started this blog a while ago, as a way to keep informed my customers and friends of my whereabouts.
Since I moved to a different continent, I though that would be a nice way to keep my motivation of doing things (not just tattoos) as well. I mean, not a way to fill in gaps or passing time. But a way to express myself in a different manner. Never had written a diary, a blog would be something outer of space.
Well, modern ages and we adapt. With a little phone device you have in hand: maps, internet, compass or whatever you need to keep you connected with the world or surroundings.
Never lost, never found.

I’ve been posting daily since I started.
Again, to keep myself focused. And in the begging the mission was to throw my thoughts, dynamically and selfish.
But, statics (real or not), messages (death threats included) and feedback’s (positive or not) prove that the more I write, I’m directing the posts to you.

Needles to say, I can’t write everyday but I can post everyday. Mostly drawings or photos of tattoos in progress, that’s what is about.
But, no matter how tired I’m that day, how beaten I feel on a weekend, I will aim to post something.
It is a sign of being alive? Is it a code?
Might be just selfish dynamic thoughts once again, going full circle.
What I want to say is: I’m doing that for me, but also for you. More than ever now.

This is just a short post to say thank you.
PS: The last week, I was busy starting lot’s of new tattoos. That’s the reason I was not writing, but I will publish some more photos very very soon!




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