Von Mutter zu Tochter



Mother & daughter, keeping the torch alive.
In the West, it is totally common parents coming together for a tattoo.
I had only once, a chance to tattoo a mom back in Japan. Tattoo artists there, do think this is totally out of question.
In my opinion, if there’s no understanding from the elder generations, nothing will change in Japanese tattooing. I’m by no means saying that this is for the masses. No. It’s not for everyone.
This is for the people that can stand and appreciate their place in society. People that will be responsible for their acts. Be it what it would be.

But, age or social status do not matter at all. Never say never. Never say YOLO as well. Just live for tomorrow, and appreciate every minute since you open your eyes in the morning.
Tattooing is right there, in the blood.
Pass the torch, pass the mic
Don’t believe da hype!

Published by Carlos aus Tokyo

Esoteric International player, attitude holder, natural born rebellious, tattooer of the masses. Owner of hännyahead tattoo

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