Wuppertal tattoo convention 1

japanese tattoo design for women1

Pretentious as it might look, I made another set of “wanna do” tattoo designs for the upcoming Wuppertal tattoo convention to be held on this weekend.
As you can see, this new series are for the female clientele. The last ones (here) were more mean looking stuff, but I learned that people easily feel intimidated (laughs) by certain images.
So, I decided to make these small designs in between appointments for you ladies 😉
They are fun, they are quick, but they are not easy!
To keep it simple sometimes gets more complicated. Just like life?

Kirschblüte und japanische Blume
japanese tattoo design for women2

反省の反省を繰返しながら、また”Wanna do”を新たに描きました。今回は女性の方をターゲットに描いてみました。

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