Blood runs fast

Inspiration, sounds like a duh word when spoken today.
In a era that you can reach any information through the magical object called PC, the comfort of our sofa’s and beds seems so appropriate rather than hunting for quest in the savage world out there.
But I went.
Have to admit, I finally went. Months had passed since I moved my ass down here, but always there’s a excuse to postpone plans for a search.
Well, and I admit it was a nice move.
Once the great Horikin of Yokohama had said in a interview:
“In Japan, houses are made of paper and wood. in the West, houses are made of stone and iron. That’s one of the reasons culture was well preserved there.”
And I agree less. Looking to a old medieval imposing castle in front of you, bring the accuracy of Horikin’s words.

Cultures changes accordingly to the mans needs. It evolves, embraces, transforms. In forms that only can be delighted in the right time at the right temperature. The blood should run fast as the heart reaches the embodiment of feelings preserved in space and time. Frozen memories of codified messages, the messages that touches every mans souls.

And was my pleasure to “re-codify” the “tattoo messages” on these frozen objects



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