Blind Guardian CD cover tattoo

Erster termin
drache deutschland tattoo
Photo above, 1st session. Bellow, 2nd.

Zweiter termin
drache deutschland tattoo1
With so many practical tools around our lives, virtually we can browse through any information around the world from our computers.
Finding a tattoo image became easy and fast.
At the same time, we might be missing so many hints around our own lives and tastes.
It might be time to redirect our feelings to the inner, rather than the world around.

Our friend Tim based his design on his favorite metal band Blind Guardian
From there on, we can expand limitless to create a true original tattoo piece.

Blind Guardianと言うバンドのCDジャケをヒントに彫っている柄。お客さんには普段から言っていますが、別に”〇〇タトゥー”とインターネットで柄の検索をするより、テーマそのものを検索して自分のイメージを作り上げた方がオリジナルタトゥーに繋がると思います。



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